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My parents were the original do-it-yourself products of rural Pennsylvania. Sewing was just one of many life skills passed on for generations. Since nothing would go to waste, quilts were pieced from scraps and remnants to provide warmth for snowbelt winters and warm memories of an old dress, favorite shorts or grandma's apron.
As a parent balancing career and family, I found warmth reading in the evenings with our son. Apparently so did he. That struck me one night, lost in my laptop and email, when he hopped up on the couch with his book and asked, "Is it time to read together?"

As he later achieved highest academic honors, I realized he not only learned to read, but he developed a love for reading and it contributed greatly to his success.

This thought has become my passion...that young people should associate a warmth with reading to develop this fundamental life skill. And that's how I came to combine these things: reading, quilting, and relishing warm memories.
Susan Morgan
Read-with-Me Quilts are a result of those experiences. It is my way of sharing my passion with others. I combine old techniques with new designs and beckon children to develop a love for reading. Each quilt is hand embroidered with encouragement. Read with Me.

I hope to see you on the couch!
Reading in the Rockies
Read-with-Me Quilts
on display at Highlands Cafe